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Are you one of those guys who likes to wear gloves no matter what the weather? Well I’m going to introduce you to four perforated leather motorcycle gloves that are perfect for those warmer days of riding. The River Road Mesa Perforated Leather Gloves, the River Road Tucson Leather Gloves, the River Road Sturgis Leather Gloves and the River Road Monterey Leather Gloves. The best part is that three of these motorcycle gloves have the added bonus of gel padding which is great for nerve & vibration protection, plus they give you a better grip and help reduce fatigue.



The first glove we’re going to take a look at is the River Road Mesa Perforated Leather Glove. Constructed of durable leather that is fully perforated across the back, they have a simple design with an elastic wrist, along with a velcro strap closure, to give you a secure fit.







But if you want to get that added comfort and protection of the gel pad then take a gander at the River Road Tucson Leather Gloves. Just like the Mesa, these motorcycle gloves are made of genuine black leather, with a completely perforated back, but have been equipped with the gel padding in the palm area to ease the stress on your hands.






The River Road Sturgis Leather Gloves are essentially the same as the Tucson, with the perforated leather back, the velcro wrist strap and the comfort gel palm padding, but they have a distinctively different overall style. Most noticeable are the large round knuckle vents that allow for maximum air flow on those really warm day. So with this choice you get protection, comfort and additional venting to make your hands super appreciative!





Last but not least we have a glove that embodies all the features of the previous three leather motorcycle gloves but instead of knuckle vents the River Road Monterey Leather Gloves have padded knuckles for those of you who would like more of that leather abrasion resistance. With these four options you should have no problem finding a lightweight, perforated glove that fits your style.



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