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03 FJR, I bought it in February of 04 with 2k miles, it now has 56k.   I have rode it through most of New England, upstate NY and west to South Dakota south to Colorado and back east. I had watched that bike when it was first introduced in Europe. I also still have my 86 FJ1200 with over 140,000 miles on it with no rebuild…The FJ1200 on-line group start a petition back in 2000 to bring the FJR to the states. We succeeded in attaining over 1 million signatures. The FJR is very technical, precise… The FJ is still FUN.
Farkles on the FJR include, risers, Wild Bill highway pegs, autocom, GPS, XM, FRS, phone, Nolan, sliders, FZR mirrors, SHAD46.

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