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Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Leather Matte Boots

Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0

Joining the Joe Rocket 2013 boots lineup are the Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Boots.  If you are familiar with the prior J.R. Big Bang design,  you may notice that  the Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 is quite a bit different.  If you are unfamiliar with the prior Joe Rocket Big Bang Boots,  just like the 2.0 design,  they own a solid feel and a rugged look.  The original Big Bang Boots were more of a military style,  while the 2.0 boots are more of a work boot type construction.  With a full grain matte finished leather exterior and a rubber lugged sole,  these boots will be durable and dependable.  The lugged sole is an addition to the 2.0s,  which will give you good traction on or off the bike.

The short boot design would be ideal for the casual work commuter that wants to wear wear their Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Leather Boots Lugged Soleriding boots all day–  who wants to change shoes?  The only thing I wish these boots had is a waterproof lining or a treated leather.  However,  for this affordable price,  I’m not complaining.  I really do like this design and the only real characteristic of this boot that lets you know it’s a motorcycle boot is the reinforced shifter zone.  Other than that,  the Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Leather Boots look like they could handle the backwoods and a day of cutting lumber.  If you have any questions about these boots or anything motorcycle related,  leave us a comment.  Heck,  give us a call if you want.  We don’t mind answering any questions you may have.

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