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12.14.12 010

I bought a new Honda Magna back in 1984 and after about 10 years sold it because I got married and had a couple kids, then became too busy too ride. The final decision to sell it was because we need a bed and just being married a few years, the Honda was the only thing we had that worth selling. Thinking back, it was kinda funny having one arm hanging over the end of the bed so you would not roll to the middle of the bed. Well, I said this may be last bike I every have and that’s ok, but if I get another one, it will be a Harley Dyna or nothing. Twenty years later here is my new baby a 2012 Harley Dyna Fat Bob. I did the usual looking in craigslist with several calls to people wanting more than they cost new. One guy even wanted me to pay for taxes he paid for it. Lol. After twenty years of not riding a bike, this bike was big. I did not even drive it for a few weeks thinking I may have made a mistake and should have bought a smaller one first, but I realized this would be my last bike and I should get what I wanted. I drive in the yard several times and then drove about 4 or 5 miles for a few weeks working up to longer rides. I think I got about 500 miles this year and next year plan lots of longer rides.


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