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aeromotoLogoAeromoto is a new brand dropping into the sport / racing motorcycle world.  What every rider can appreciate about Aeromoto is the process in which products are developed.  They take their time to develop the absolute best quality product,  geared towards what most riders demand while maintaining outrageously affordable prices.  This company utilizes in-house motorcycle riders for the development,  engineering and re-engineering of each product.  Aeromoto is truly a unique brand because their products are designed by riders–  for riders.  With only a small group of select rider-designers,  each product developed receives special attention from each enthusiast,  which makes for high-end and highly specialized sportbike gear.  Recently released,  the Aeromoto Corsa Pro Gloves are  top quality full gauntlet race gloves.  Check out that construction!  Snug fitting racing glove with ultimate protection.

AeromotoIn the near future we can expect to see more Aeromoto gear entering the sportbike scene.  With its top-notch materials and its everyday rider-design team,  Aeromoto will be around for many years to come.  It’s exciting to see a new brand entering the motorcycle industry,  but more-so,  an affordable brand that makes high-end gear–  average is unacceptable.  Aeromoto isn’t just another brand trying to sell you something,  Aeromoto wants you to feel comfortable,  look good,  ride happy,  know you are protected,  and save you enough cash to afford an extra tank of gas.  Aeromoto has a passion for motorcycles and they understand the importance of good fitting protective gear, and in this economy,  they understand affordability.  Aeromoto only works with the best,  that’s why Aeromoto gear can ONLY be found at Competition Accessories!  Check us out. If you have any questions about Aeromoto,  drop us a comment or give us a call.  We enjoy answering your questions and helping you better understand motorcycle products.


Race designed.  Sport specific.  Rider built.

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