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Okay, I know to some this isn’t a “bike”, but my husband bought me this for my birthday since the rumor was that gas was going through the roof by the middle to end of the year. This bike has been so much fun. I’ve never had anything more than a bicycle before, so this was THE perfect bike for me.

As you can see from the picture of my husband on the back of it, it can handle grown adults. He was recovering from pacemaker surgery and wasn’t allowed to drive for 3 months. We used my bike several times. You can’t imagine how many people didn’t wait till we were past them before they cracked up. I felt sorry for my husband, but he knew how badly I wanted to drive my bike.

He owns a Honda VTX 1300 and loves every thing about it. He was really missing the feel of air flowing passed his body, so we took advantage of my “baby”. By the way it is a Yamaha Majesty 750 and man does it get up and go. I can fly past anyone, anywhere, even with my Sweetie on the back. (Plus we have the advantage of having 2 sets of eyes, because he can see over my helmet!) I know I probably do not have a chance, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to brag on my Majesty. I hope you will consider me and my bike! Thanks!

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  1. Like I said, I know most wouldn’t consider this a “bike”, but the name of the contest is review my ride. As you can see, this is clearly a “ride”. It is able to take me and my husband around without any problems. Please pick my Majesty!!

    Lisa Vick / Reply

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