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I purchased my 2012 Spyder RS-S one year ago from today from ProPower Sports of Conroe, TX. I originally purchased it as a commuter bike for work. I have to admit that I have not been disappointed once. It is very dependable, beefy, stable and fun to ride. I’ve had people take pictures of me and my bike while in traffic and stopped at a red light. I wave at kids while driving by and they love that I have acknowledged them.

I’ve joined a Spyder Ryders group and we all have a common bond for the love of the Spyder. We’ve been on several day trips and huge bike rallies. I’ve been to the coast on it and had a blast.

I’ve added a few mods myself which were very gratifying: mirror extensions, side protectors, bump-skid plate and air horn. I’m wishing for a GPS for Christmas so I can go on even longer trips.

Owning a Spyder has opened a whole new world for me. No regrets here.

Thank you.
Mike Chicca

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