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Mobile Warming is a company that does a great job of making heated motorcycle gear that can not only be used while riding but can also be worn as casual outerwear. The Mobile Warming Heated Silverpeak Jacket is constructed from breathable, Windshark, soft-shell material. There are three total heating panels on the front and rear of the Silverpeak; two on the chest, and one on the upper back. These panels are lined with steel alloy fiber elements to provide optimum warmth. Mobile Warming Heated Silverpeak Mens Jackets have a magnet circuit breaker near the zipper closure to shut off the power if the elements are ever damaged. For power, a 7.4V 2.2Ah rechargable lithium-ion battery and charger are included with the Silverpeak; and provides up to 10hours of heat. For fit and adjustability, the jacket has an adjustable waist and hood to provide a custom fit. To learn more about the Mobile Warming Heated Silverpeak Jacket, see more Mobile Warming gear, or our wide variety of heated motorcycle gear go to our website:!

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