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The HJC RPHA MAX Modular helmet is the most advanced flip-front helmet we have seen from HJC.  Taking design cues from their RPHA 10 helmet (which is what Ben Spies wears in MotoGP), they have created a modular motorcycle helmet that is extremely light, flows a ton of air, and is compact in size.

Most modular helmets tend to be bulkier and heavier then their full face brethren, which can lead to neck fatigue after a long day on the bike.  The RPHA MAX uses HJC’s Advanced Premium Integrated Matrix Shell (P.I.M.).  The Advanced PIM shell consists of Carbon Fiber, Aramid, Fiberglass and Organic Non-Woven Fabric.  These materials combine to make a shell that is stiff and strong, while remaining incredibly light weight.  The interface between the chinbar and the helmet shell is so tight, that with the chinbar down you almost can’t tell that it’s a modular helmet!

With the helmet side by side with HJC’s RPHA 10 road race helmet, it is evident that the RPHA MAX has taken many design features and incorporated into a great touring helmet (be sure to watch our video below).  With it’s light weight, extreme aerodynamics, and aggressive ventilation system, the RPHA MAX may be one of the most attractive modular helmets we have ever tested.

Not only is the HJC RPHA MAX helmet lightweight and aerodynamic, it has several other design features that will keep you comfortable on the road.  COOL4EVER fabric wicks moisture to keep you cool, and is antibacterial.  The integrated sun shield is easily deployed for bright conditions, and a pinlock insert is included in the box to keep your vision clear no matter what mother nature throws your way.

HJC Helmets have really stepped up their game in the past few years, and the RPHA MAX Helmet is yet another example of the advances in technology and helmet construction that are keeping us safer and more comfortable on the road.


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