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Need a spacious and sleek case for your scooter?  New for 2012, the Givi Monolock B47 Blade Hard Case was tailored to specifically meet the needs of the avid scooterist.  This 47 liter hard case features a new and improved sleek design, making it much better looking than bulky and round design of cases in the past.  The compact and streamline design of the Monolock Case Series will give any scooter a racy look.  Besides looking good, the Monolock B47 Blade Hard case also has the convenience features riders want.  The most innovative of these features is the unique Monolock system.  The Monolock system allows the hard case to be opened and detached from its fixing plate with one single key.  The Monolock B47 Blade Hard Case also features a new hinge system from Givi that allows the lid to be easily closed by pushing down on the front edge, like a car hood.  Other convenient features include red reflectors and a new sealing system that prevents water from getting inside the case .  Two open-face helmets, or a maximum 6.5 lbs load, can be easily stored inside the spacious 47 liters of the Monolock B47 Blade Hard Case.  Monolock B47 Blade Hard Cases come standard with a universal mounting plate, additional hardware maybe needed for bike specific installation.  Check out Givi Monolock B47 Blade Hard Cases, and other Givi products on our website:!

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