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Much like the Alpinestars Vapor Knee Guards, the Vapor Elbow Guards have CE certified protection systems that utilize robust protective structures and impact absorption padding. These Alpinestars Elbow guards have also been made from the same Thermo-formed polymer material construction, and thereby offer improved impact performance. Their highly ergonomic design improves streamlining while providing crucial protection for Motocross and off-road riding. The asymmetrical and lightweight ergonomic panel construction offers extended protection surfaces to reduce rotation. Pair the Alpinestars Vapor Knee Guards and the Vapor Elbow Guards for the ultimate protective set. The Alpinestars Youth Vapor Elbow Guards are also available in smallers sizes. Check out the Alpinestars Vapor Elbow Guards, Alpinestars gear, other Alpinestars protection, and other Elbow Guard options from our extensive brand list; on our website:!

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