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The Sliders Blue Ridge Kevlar Armored Leather Gloves have high-quality moto-sport ballistic leather chassis, with Sliders’ trademark genuine dupont Kevlar inserted in the palm of the gloves. To protect against an impact or accident, the Sliders Blue Ridge leather gloves have rigid armor over the knuckles and reinforced ‘safety stitching’ for added durability. For increased flexibility, expansion joints have been placed on the back of the hand and the fingers; allowing the ability to close the hand without restrictions. There is also elastic in the wrist making it easy to put the gloves on or remove them.  The adjustable closure allows the gloves to be used either above or underneath your jacket cuff. The Blue Ridge Kevlar Armored Leather Gloves have a 1 year manufacturer warranty. Check out the Sliders Blue Ridge Kevlar Armored Leather Gloves, Sliders gear, and other motorcycle glove options on our website:!

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