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The Klim Tactical Shorts will provide you with the best base protection thanks to its Poron Xrd Extreme Impact Protection Material. This specialized material covers the sides, thighs, and tail bone. These padded compression shorts are also composed of moisture wicking polyester to keep you dry and comfortable. The 4-way stretch spandex and soft elastic waist will prevent feelings of constriction and binding. The suede texture Chamois crotch will help absorb riding vibrations and cushion your ride. If you ever get annoyed by itchy tags and labels rubbing against your skin, you won’t have to worry about that with the Klim Tactical Shorts; the design is completely tag-less. Overall, the Klim Tactical Shorts are going to keep sensitive areas protected, properly stored, and wick away moisture to reduce chaffing and discomfort. Check out the Klim Tactical Shorts, Klim body protection, and other motorcycle body protection options on our website:!

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