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With a name like “Weedpuller” you know these gloves are going to be strong. With a full leather construction, and external stitching to enhance feel, the Alpinestars Weedpuller Gloves are tough and durable. These Alpinestars gloves were designed to look like classic motocross gloves, a great perk for all those vintage enthusiasts out there.  The soft TPR armor on the knuckles, top of the fingers and thumb supplies impact protection. The outer stitching holds the TPR armor in place to protect the back of the fingers and knuckles, and contributes to the overall unique look of the glove. The elasticized wrist cuff provides a secure fit. Check out the Alpinestars Weedpuller Gloves, Alpinestars gear, and other motorcycle glove options on our website:!

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