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The Tourmaster Solution WP Air Boots have been made to push out humidity while also making sure water doesn’t soak in. The HiPora waterproof air membrane allows warm air to escape from inside of the boot, and the water repellent leather with PU upper will keep water from coming into the boot from the outside. These waterproof features make the Solution WP Air Boots ideal for riders who travel in all types of weather.  Not only are these Tourmaster motorcycle boots going to give you excellent coverage in inclement weather, but they will also keep you thoroughly protected in the event of an impact or accident. The Solution WP Air boots have a molded shin and ankle guard backed with shock absorbing material, shock absorbing latex foam on the flex panels, and a TecnoGI thermoplastic heel cup and toe cap. There is also a VR single density compound sole for reliable grip, and a pre-formed orthopedic, vibration absorbing foot pad. For added convenience, there is a reflective panel on the back of the boots for nighttime visibility, and leather stretch panels for a more flexibility, and a comfortable fit. Check out the Tourmaster Solution WP Air Boots, and other Tourmaster motorcycle boots on our web page; as well as  Tourmaster motorcycle gear, and other motorcycle boot brand options at:!

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