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The Fly Zenith Neck Brace has been engineered by Leatt; a brace company that has received rave reviews from both regular riders and professional riders alike. The Fly Zenith Neck Brace has been designed to limit the neck’s range of motion in the event of an impact, and to keep the neck from twisting; causing spinal injury. To do this, the brace uses “alternative load path technology”. This helps reduce forces on the spine and disperses energy away from critical areas, during impact. If a rider were to go down and hit their forehead, the back of their helmet would impact the back of the brace, and transfer the load down the “thoracic strut”. The thoracic strut is engineered to keep the brace in position, so that it doesn’t tilt forward or backward during an impact; creating further injury. The rear- support near the thoracic strut acts as a ‘crumple-zone’. It is designed to give way under a severe load and absorb impact. This Leatt Neck Brace is made with quality materials such as Kevlar, Carbon, fiberglass reinforced plastic, and shock-absorbing Biofoam. The Biofoam is fully replaceable and machine washable. There are several adjustment points to provide you with a custom fit, and two red-colored release clips to identify emergency openings to paramedics. Leatt braces are low-profile and adaptable for use with body armor and chest protectors. The Fly Zenith Neck Brace comes in two different sizes (S/M) and (L/XL), and three different colors black, white, and wild (a blue, orange, and yellow mix). Check out the Leatt Fly Zenith Neck Brace and other Leatt Products on our website:!

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