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Geza Gear Hole Shot Series Motorcycle Covers are made in the US with patented fabrics and design. They are made with Geza’s “EasyFit” design to allow them to perfectly fit and protect every type of motorcycle from all leading manufacturers. The Hole Shot Series has been designed for use while on a trailer, so it won’t tear or fly away while in transit. The covers are made from a UV blocking material to cut down on any prolonged exposure to the sun. They are also water repellent and machine washable.  These motorcycle covers are long lasting, durable, and portable making them a great choice if you’re looking to protect your bike from the elements. Check out the Geza Gear Hole Shot Series Motorcycle Covers, and other motorcycle cover options on our website:!

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  1. Glad to see you are carrying Geza Covers. I have been using them since 1998 and I absolutely love them. Use them on my RoadKing and Ducati 900 and they not only protect my bike from weather and while being towed, but they laaaaaast! My covers, though over 10 years old, still fit and protect like new. A solid investment in protection.

    Jason Shore / Reply

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