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The Chatterbox Drone Security System has a simple wireless remote operation that is quick and easy to install. The system has dynamic shock system technology, and a theft resistant starter disable (kill switch). There is also a 125dB compact Piezo siren and a flashing headlight visual. The security system shows a blue status LED warning to easily give you the status of the motorcycle.

The main alarm module is water resistant and can be installed in any conspicuous location on the bike. The alarm is wired directly to the battery for power. The system comes with two advanced key transmitters that can be programmed to activate an auxiliary feature, i.e. a trunk release. When pressing the Arm button, the system LED flashes and the siren chirps twice to notify you that the alarm is activated. Check out the Chatterbox Drone Security System, Chatterbox communications, and other motorcycle security systems on our website:!

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