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Sena is a company that manufactures products that allow riders to have hassle free communications between themselves and their passengers or other riders. One new product from Sena is the SMH-10. The SMH-10 is a Bluetooth V3.0 stereo headset with a long range Bluetooth intercom. The SMH-10 will allow you to make hands free calls with its Bluetooth mobile phone capability, listen to music from your MP3 player (with music playback controls: pause, play, etc.), or hear voice instructions from GPS navigation systems. Each function is simple to operate with the easy access intuitive button operations and voice prompts. The volume of each device can be individually set and controlled. The SMH-10 will offer the best sound quality for both incoming and outgoing sound. Its intercom has a range of up to 980yds (900 meters) in open terrain. The intercom has a 4-way conference option, enabling you to simultaneously talk to up to four different riders. The SMH-10 is water resistant, and allows up to 12 hours talk time and up to 10 days of standby. The device can be used while charging and is Firmware upgradable. The SMH-10 bluetooth has a two year warranty.  Check out the Sena SMH10 Single Wireless Bluetooth Intercom System, Sena Products, and other motorcycle communications devices on our website:!

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