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For those with prior knee injuries or for riders who want optimum protection, The Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Brace is a great product to invest in. The Ultra Cell Knee Brace is ideal for Motorcross, Supercross, and Arenacross racers as well as for those who participate in enduro style riding. The best selling point for the Asterisk UltraCell Knee Brace is its contoured, asymmetrical design. This specialized design provides a custom fit, and makes the brace comfortable to wear. Its BOA Lacing System allows the brace to wrap securely around the knee, but with no pressure points. To remove the lacing straps, there are low-profile buckles with a cut out guide to click securely into place; making it easy to get the boots on and off. The Ultra Cell Knee Brace has been made with a Carbon Fiber Epoxy Matrix Frame and is anatomically correct. This causes the brace to naturally align with the tibia and keeps it centered on your leg. The Ultra Cell Knee Brace has a full coverage patella cup that provides the knee with complete protection whether it is straight or bent. The Ultra Cell also has an anti-rotation boot tether to keep the knee brace and your riding boots aligned with one another. The Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Brace can be purchased in a pair or individually and retails for $699. Check out this Asterisk Knee Brace and other Asterisk Products on our website:!

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