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The AGV Sport Freestyle gloves are a short-length racing style glove. They’ve been made with premium cowhide leather with high-tear strength and abrasion resistance.  The palm, thumb, and outer glove area are all reinforced with leather, and leather covered foam pads are on the outer side of the hand, the little finger, base of the thumb and outer wrist area. There are perforated leather panels in between the fingers to help provide airflow. These AGV Sport gloves have been made with materials that are going to ensure they last and keep you protected in the event of impacts or accidents. In conjunction with the premium leather, the Freestyle gloves have been sewn with high tensile strength thread, and have double stitched high impact areas making them extremely tough and durable.  High grip material has also been used to guarantee you get a firm grasp on your handle bars. For flexibility, there is an elastic finger bridge and pre-curved fingers with elastic panels.  To keep you protected, floating TPU plastic knuckle armor with shock absorbing memory foam has been incorporated into the gloves; as well as TPU plastic finger armor.  This short-length glove has a leather cuff closure that can be tightened or loosened to your fit preference.  The AGV Freestyle gloves come in various sizes and four different color choices: black, black/blue, black/red, and black/white. Check out the AGV Sport Freestyle Short Leather gloves, AGV Sport products, and other motorcycle glove options on our website:!

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