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The Neotec is Shoei’s latest modular helmet. At first glance, the Neotec looks pretty similar to its predecessor, the Multitec; but there are some definite upgrades and new features. Let’s take a quick look at the similarities and differences between the Neotec and the Multitec.

The Multitec

The first thing that is visibly different is the chin bar. The chin bar of the Multitec is noticeably wider, but the shell of the Neotec is longer from front to back; with 8mm of extra room in the chin bar. This gives the rider the option of installing a communications system. The Neotec is more aerodynamic than the Multitec. There is a small lip at the edge of the chin bar called the “Vortex Generator Lip”. This will help to reduce wind noise and direct wind away from the gap in the chin bar and the rest of the helmet. One brand new feature for the Neotec is the dark smoke, anti-fog coated, internal visor. This is the first time Shoei has incorporated an internal visor into a helmet. This is a very beneficial quality for riding in bright conditions, and also the anti-fog coat will maximize your visibility. Both the Neotec and the Multitec have Shoei’s A.I.M. (advanced integrated matrix) shell.

For ventilation, the Neotec has some definite improvements. First, there is a closable rear exhaust vent. Then there is the Neo RAM Air vent located at the top the helmet that will force more air into the helmet. It has 3 adjustable positions, in comparison to the Multitec which only has two. The chin bar vent to the Neotec is said to be more effective than the Multitec. It reduces fogging by directing air up onto the face shield.  The Neotec also comes with a pin-lock insert with an anti-fog system.

The Neotec

Visibility for the Neotec is much better than the Multitec thanks to the new taller, wider, face shield. There is a double lip seal around the gasket of the Neotec  (the Multitec has only one lip seal), This helps to keep outside noise and weather elements out of the helmet. And the final benefit of the Neotec is its fully removable liner made with “Dry Max”; a moisture wicking material that will keep you comfortable while you ride in warmer conditions. This is a great feature in case you want to clean or replace your liner.

While both helmets are great products from Shoei, it’s clear that the Neotec is much more advanced.

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