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The AirHawk 2 Seat Cushion is a polyurethane seat cushion comprised of individual air cells. These air cells are all connected, so when you put pressure on one point, air is distributed evenly causing you to sit just barely above the seat of the motorcycle. AirHawk stands out from other seat cushions and similar products because it actually distributes the rider’s weight; which is what is needed to get rid of pressure points. The AirHawk requires very little air (about 1/8 of an inch). One rule that AirHawk uses is “if you have to adjust your mirrors, you have too much air”. The cushion is very easy to inflate/adjust. There is a twist valve pipe underneath the seat cover that opens easily to either add or release air. The Air Hawk 2 has an 18 month warranty and a 60 day money back guarantee. It comes in multiple size options for every bike. Check out the AirHawk 2 and other AirHawk products on our website:!

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