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FREE SHIELD PROMOTION with purchase of 2012 RF1100

For a limited time, SHOEI Helmets is offering a special deal for buyers of the Shoei RF-1100 Full-Face Helmet. From April 12, 2012 through May 31, 2012 if you purchase a new RF-1100 from Competition Accessories, you can automatically qualify to receive a free accessory shield (see tints above); a $52.99 retail value at no extra cost, no hidden obligations, no contests to enter, it’s yours … including free shipping. Just fill out the SHOEI Free Shield Promotion Form, fill it in with your shipping address (along with the other required information), send it to the address at the bottom of the form postmarked before the noted date, and SHOEI will send you your shield in four to six weeks. NOTE: This offer is limited to purchases of the helmets listed below, so be sure to verify that the RF-1100 helmet you’ve chosen is a qualifying model.

RF-1100 Solid, Matte, or Metallic

Shoei RF-1100 Chroma

Shoei RF-1100 Merciless

Shoei RF-1100 Corazon


Shoei RF-1100 Hadron 2

Shoei RF-1100 Conqueror

RF-1100 Diabolic Divinity

Shoei RF-1100 Enigma


Shoei RF-1100 Brilliant Yellow

Shoei RF-1100 Pious

Shoei RF-1100 Seilon












DISCLAIMER: The SHOEI Factory Authorized RF-1100 Free Shield Promotion is a limited-time offer by SHOEI Safety Helmet and its exclusive United States Distributor, Helmet House, Inc. It is available only to U.S. residents through purchase of a new 2012 RF-1100 full-face helmet from an authorized SHOEI Helmet dealer in the United States within the dates of the promotion. The free shield offer is available with the purchase of the following SHOEI RF-1100 helmet graphics: Shoei RF-1100 Merciless Helmets, Shoei RF-1100 Pious Helmets, Shoei RF-1100 Conqueror Helmets, Shoei RF-1100 Diabolic Divinity Helmets, Shoei RF-1100 Enigma Helmets, Shoei RF-1100 Seilon Helmets, Shoei RF-1100 Chroma Helmets, Shoei RF-1100 Corazon Helmets, Shoei RF-1100 Hadron 2 Helmets, Shoei RF-1100 Brilliant Yellow Helmets, and Shoei RF-1100 solid/metallic/matte Helmets only — one per customer. This offer has no cash value and is non-transferable.

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