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Motorcycle Traffic Time-Lapse in Ho Chi Minh CityWouldn’t the world be a beautiful place if everyone drove a motorcycle? Sure, but it would be pretty chaotic. Ho Chi Minh, a city known for its ever-growing population of scooters and motorcycles, experiences the benefits and craziness of two-wheeled traffic everyday.

Rob Whitworth used 10,000 RAW images from multiple shoots to capture the “relentless energy and pace of change” in Ho Chi Minh.

Whitworth writes:

“Everyone who has visited Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam knows part of the magic (love it or hate it) is in the traffic. Ever since I first set foot in Ho Chi Minh City I have been captivated by the cities energy. Saigon is a city on the move unlike anything I have experienced before.”

Here’s what the world looks like when everyone drives a motorcycle.

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