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ducati_crashCrashing your motorcycle sucks. Crashing a motorcycle worth more than $100,000 can make a grown man break down in tears.

Hell For Leather estimates that the heavily modified Ducati is worth about $140,000. That price, of course, is before the rider slid the bike across the pavement down Mulholland Highway (aka the snake) and into the guard rail.

According to Youtube, the Ducati in question is a “Ducati 1098r modified to 1098rs Superbike Specs.” Meaning that the rider added a FGR900 fork in the front, a TTXr 46 in the rear, Brenbo Calipers, race electronics, Magnesium wheels, and all Titanium nuts & bolts.

From the rider said:  “This is a 1198RS when I ride it on the street. I put the street side and upper fairings for the lights and the front wheel I run on the street has stock rotors because they don’t bite as hard as Superbike ones… and yes just about every nut and bolt is in Titanium.”

Here’s the video of the $140,000 Ducati Crash.

Would you take a bike like that out on the street? Should this guy have spent a little bit of his money on some track days instead of modifications?

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