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A 1929 is a highly desirable item in its own right. Slap on a few jet engines, well, you’ve got something that will drive a few people crazy.

The motorcycle isn’t exactly for driving around town. But if you’re riding on a jet powered motorcycle, groceries are probably the last thing on your mind.


The seller says that the 1929 Harley Board Track Racer costs about $20 a run and will rattle windows for blocks around.

According to the seller: “This has been classified as the first and only twin engine jet motorcycle in the world… Bike goes straight and is a blast to ride… You can get paid to show up at airshows, grand openings, and tracks and be treated as a VIP.”


Unfortunately, this absurdly awesome money making opportunity is no longer available. The jet powered Harley just sold on eBay for $25,000.

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