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Hi I live in the San Francisco Bay area and on my birthday [june 25 th] there was one ski resort still open in California. My Son Kyle and I had figured a way to attach our Skies to or motorcycles and we headed off across the Sacramento Valley.

We had about one hour of freeway then two lane roads through farm country to the Sierra Nevada mountains. We entered Yosemite National Park and continued our ride east on Tioga pass road. This road had been closed for the winter season and had only been cleared a week before our trip. The scenery was spectacular with snow almost ever were but on the road it self. The pass elevation is a few ticks under 10,000 feet and the temperature was a pleasant 75 degrees. It doesn’t get any better than this!

When you exit the park there is a very steep decent down the mountains to Mono Lake. Neon blue and very salty water. From there it is 20 miles south to Mammoth ski resort.

The next morning we got up early and skied for about four hours, had lunch and happily jumped back on the Bikes. We road home the same way we came and enjoyed every minuet of it. We got home at 10pm. In Two days we road 525 miles and skied over 30,000 vertical feet. This was a wonder full experience and only possible if there is a lot of snow at the ski resort and the road cleared from snow on Tioga Pass road. This dose not happen every year and usually only for a two week period before Mammoth closes on forth of July.

If you ever get the chance. you have to do it…Ian.

Written by Ian S. Thomas

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