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Arai Signet-Q HelmetArai Signet-Q HelmetThe Arai Signet was a perfect fit for those with a long-oval head shape, and many riders found that it was tough to find a replacement Arai when that helmet left the lineup.  The Arai Profile was the closest fit, but even it leans more towards intermediate oval.  Well, Arai has just announced the new Arai Signet-Q helmet, filling in that long-oval void that the old Signet left.  The exterior of the new Signet-Q is based on the newer RX-Q model, which is an intermediate oval helmet with some great features.  What Arai has done is elongated the RX-Q by 5mm front to back, and retained all of the those features that have made the RX-Q successful.  The top vents and side exhaust vents are directly off of the RX-Q, as is the 10mm wider eyeport.  The new Arai Signet-Q also ships with a pinlock insert for anti-fog duty, and the SAI-MAX shield has Arai’s famous brow vents, which direct air across the temples to keep you cool.  Arai is known for their fanaticism when it comes to fit, and they are taking it one step further with the Signet-Q.  The new Arai Signet-Q comes with peel away “Micro Fit Layers” at the temples.  They are essentially 5mm layers that come installed in the helmet, and can be removed for more room if necessary.  We will be traveling to Texas this weekend to bring you the latest information on the Arai Signet-Q and other new products, so stay tuned!

Arai Signet-Q Helmet

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