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The brand new for 2011 Scorpion EXO-500 delivers several of our favorite features from the EXO-1000, at a price point that makes it an extremely competitively priced not to mention desirable helmet. Particularly, the EXO 500 has Scorpion’s Airfit cheekpad inflation system. Small but effective air bladders which are actually behind the cheekpads have the ability to be expanded to obtain a custom fit of your helmet. This not only offers a great personalized fit, in addition, it really will help lessen the low pitch booming wind noises that a lot of helmets produce at speeds. By having the cheekpads filled with air there is much less space for air to come up from underneath the helmet, resulting in a quieter ride. A second great feature of the EXO-500 is the built in sunshield visor. There is a lever on the left side of the helmet that allows you to efficiently deploy a tinted lens when you need it, and retract it when you do not. No longer any requirement to carry another faceshield! However, if you still like having some sort of tinted faceshield, the SpeedShift system on the Scorpion EXO 500 makes shield changes super easy also. Venting on the EXO 500 appears to be very good, with easy to open and shut vents and a flow through helmet lining. We have been quite impressed with exactly how much value the Scorpion EXO500 delivers. You are able to view all Scorpion EXO 500 helmets and accessories in our web store.

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