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Ben Spies was rocking a new lid this week at Laguna Seca! Still his signature HJC RPS-10 as usual, but the graphic was new. The helmet will have all the features the regular Ben Spies model has, so if you want to look at the HJC RPS-10 Helmet model check it out on our site. This helmet is already for sale all over Europe! Will it come to America? I hope so! So far I have seen 3 color options for it, there is a red, black, and silver top one. Below are some of the pictures I have found. I hope you enjoy!

It has a matte black finish with Monster Energy logos all over it and a single star at the top.

The back of the helmet has the state of Texas filled in with the Texas flag with a B and S for Ben Spies and an 11 above that!

Here are the Red top versions with a little different angles to be seen. This is the same as the HJC R-Pha 10 Helmet in Europe.

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  1. the helmet is cool but that star on the top is nasty!

    todd / Reply

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