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Having hot sweaty hands is never fun, but riding without gloves is not a good idea, especially considering that our natural reflex when we fall is to put our hands out.  The Shadow Air Mesh Motorcycle Gloves are a great solution for a summer glove that will flow a lot of air, and keep you protected at the same time.  The back of the gloves are constructed with a polyester mesh weave to allow plenty of airflow, keeping your hands cool while you ride.  For protection, the palm of the hands and the knuckles are covered with cowhide, which is very abrasion resistant and comfortable as well.  The knuckles have some padding for impact protection, and the gussets between the fingers have a breathable stretch material that keeps the gloves comfortable.  The palm has synthetic reinforcements and silicone imprinting, which really helps to keep a good grip on the bars.  A simple Velcro closure on the wrist makes these mesh motorcycle gloves quick and easy to pull on.  Check out all of our Summer Motorcycle Gloves at Competition Accessories.

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