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The brand new AXO Slammer 2 boots are a shorter style off-road boot that can be used for a number of riding types. AXO promotes these particular boots for mini, quad, rhino, as well as trail riders, and they actually look like a short variation of their full on dirtbike boot. These kinds of boots are fantastic for both casual trail riding or even street riding, in places you would not like a heavy high moto cross boot, but still need to have some foot and ankle protection. Motocross style buckles keep these boots secured to your feet, and there is even a molded plastic piece ahead of the lower buckle to help prevent it from becoming snagged on brush. Although it may be a low cut boot, the Slammer 2 boots offer quite a bit of ankle support, as there is actually exterior plastic armor on the sides that add some stiffness.  You can view all AXO Racing Motorcycle Boots in our online store.

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