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steve_mcqueenSomewhere in between shooting the new Mission Impossible, taking over for Matt Damon in the Bourne series, and voicing a pre-historic creature in Ice Age 4, Jeremy Renner will film a biopic about movie legend and motorcycle racer Steve McQueen.

THR reports that Renner has just formed a new production company which will develop the McQueen biopic which Renner plans to star in. The biopic will be based off of two books about Steve McQueen, Portrait of an American Rebeland The Life and Legend of a Hollywood Icon, by Marshall Terrill.

The biopic is currently in the development stages, and as Renner has a pretty full schedule these days, it could be a while until the movie comes to fruition.

Steve McQueen was regarded as the King of Cool, and was the highest paid star in Hollywood during the 1970s. Filling those shoes will be a near impossible job for just about any actor. Hopefully Renner can do McQ justice if the biopic ever gets off the ground.

Here’s a look at what Renner will have to imitate.

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