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1wheelrevolutionDoing a wheelie is cool. Doing a stoppie is impressive. Doing them on a Harley-Davidson is just insane. 1 Wheel Revolution, a V-Twin entertainment company, doesn’t see the limitations of their big motorcycles, they see the possibilities.

“We do all the things that you would typically see at a normal stunt show,” said Rob Carpenter, the co-founder of 1 Wheel Revolution. “But then we take it to another level. These bikes are capable of doing everything a sportbike can.”

Carpenter and co-founder Chris Rayburn have been stunting motorcycles for years, but this is the first year for 1 Wheel Revolution. Carpenter and Rayburn will do all of the typical stunts during their shows, like burnouts, wheelies, stoppies and handstands, but what sets 1 Wheel Revolution apart is that they do their tricks on big V-twin motorcycles.

A Harley Iron, a Buell XP9R, and the new Harley XR-1200 have approximately 300 more pounds wrapped around them than the typical sportbike. But Carpenter likes the challenge.

“The key is,” Carpenter says. “To make the bike do the work. It’s pretty hard to muscle a Harley. You need to let the bike move itself.”

Not impressed yet? Check out this video of 1 Wheel Revolution stunting on ice.

1 Wheel Revolution will be performing all over the country this year. If they aren’t performing near you, you can schedule an event here.

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