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live_fastFor a brief twenty minutes, I got the chance to don the Scorpion Exo-750 Live Fast helmet and tear through the rural streets of the Greater Chicago Land Area. But then it got cold, snowy, and I sulked back to the comfort of my garage. Scorpion’s Exo-750 helmet is now sitting on my shelf, waiting for the next break in the cold weather.

Scorpion used its proven fiberglass/kevlar matrix shell as the base structure for the Scorpion Exo-750. They then borrowed the Airfit System from the Exo-1000 and stuffed it inside the shell. The pump up airfit system turns a few riders off, but I was very pleased with how the Exo-750 fit.

The Exo-750 has plenty of vents for good ventilation, and an easy to use visor. But what really attracts people to the Exo-750 Live Fast helmet, is the insane design.

“The Exo-750 Live Fast graphics embody a multitude of elements that are a reflection of life in the fast line,” said Scott Wilkinson of Scorpion. “It is a depiction of whacked skulls, a roll of the dice and a lucky horseshoe that gives onlookers the impression of a loose cannon.”

For the twenty minutes I got to to use the Scorpion, I was quite impressed. I can’t wait to get it back on the road for a more through testing session.

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