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Dani_PedrosaDani Pedrosa had a pretty solid start to the 2011 MotoGP season, but he walked away from the Qatar event with a lot of concerns. Pedrosa earned a podium finish in Qatar, but was not confident about the way his shoulder felt.

After the Qatar race, Pedrosa underwent further medical tests to make sure that his shoulder was OK. The additional tests showed that there was no vascular or nerve compression in the canal of the collarbone, but there was a small stretch in the plexus, that even though it is gradually improving, it will need still a little more time to finish healing.”

Doctors say that they don’t think there will be any further complications, but admit that Pedrosa’s shoulder is not at 100% just yet.

“I honestly didn’t expect my arm would react in this way because during pre-season I didn’t feel too much trouble and I thought the problem was solved,” Pedrosa said. “However, I felt really bad in the Qatar race and was aware that the injury is not completely healed. It was a shame because in Qatar I had a good feeling and until the second half of the race, which is when the pain started, I was really strong and I saw a realistic chance of winning.

“I would be lying if I said I’m not disappointed because this year the bike is working very well and physically I feel good, but unfortunately this complication has arisen and I have nothing else to do but give my best until the injury heals completely.”

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