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Brough Superior SS 100

On 12 July 2008 a new record was achieved in the in the motoring world, an American motorcycle was sold for over half a million dollars. The motorcycle to obtain this record was a 1915 Cyclone Board Track Racer that sold for $520,000.

The Cyclone was made by the Joerns Motor Manufacturing Company of St Paul, Minnesota. Few Cyclone motorcycles have been found the Cyclone that was sold in 2008 is one of the most correct board track racers. This Cyclone was thought to have all the correct engine internals making the motorcycle very rare.

On December 15th a new contender is coming up to challenge the board track racer for the most expensive motorcycle ever sold, the new contender is a Prototype 1925

Brough Superior SS 100. The motorcycle will be auctioned in New York City as part of Phillips de Pury & Company’s Design Masters auction. George Brough’s success in the Austrian Speed trials led to Austria becoming the second largest market for Brough Superior, and Brough kept this particular bike as his own personal transport for a year.

Alexander Payne, of the Phillips de Pury & Company stated “Our relentless ambition for speed and progress is embodied in this motorcycle, a design icon of the modern age. Eighty-five years later, it’s still one of the fastest, most stylish machines on the road. We are thrilled to offer this significant example in our Design Masters sale.”

The classic lines of this motorcycle along the provenance make this a very strong

contender to set a new record on December 15th  for the highest selling motorcycle.


Cyclone Board Track Racer

Written by John Campbell, Courtesy of

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