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For most motorcyclists, chains are a necessary evil.  Yes, there are shaft drives, but they are mostly relegated to big touring applications.  And yes, there are belt drives, but their horsepower handling abilities are limited.  That leaves the trusted chain as the primary drive link to most rear wheels.  The problem is, as efficient as they are, they are constantly exposed to the elements.  Even modern O-ring chains need lubrication, and lubrication builds up and attracts road grime and contaminants.  Left unattended, the chain will become an ugly mass of dirt and lube.

Enter The Grunge Brush.  The name says it all.  This is a handy shop tool that makes chain cleaning a much more bearable job.  The Grunge Brush is a 3-sided adjustable brush designed specifically for cleaning motorcycle chains.   The head of the rugged and oil resistant brush wraps around the chain and pulls the layers of build-up from the chain’s plates and rollers.  It is safe for both standard and O-ring chains.

The kit comes with a cleaning solution and replacement brushes.  At a retail price of well under $20, The Grunge Brush is an affordable tool.  A clean chain will last longer and keep expensive sprockets cleaner as well.


Written by Tim Kessel, Courtesy of

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