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2011 Piaggio MP3 City In the US and Canada, Italian marque Piaggio is imported and distributed by Piaggio Group Americas (PGA); they also handle the Piaggio parent company’s other badges. That list includes Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Vespa – all well-known motorcycle and scooter brands just about everywhere such vehicles are sold. During the November 2010 EICMA scooter and motorcycle show in Milan, Italy, the North American company announced two new models crossing over the vast eastern ocean, and one which will return after a long absence.

The three-wheeled addition to the market is a new version of the rather popular MP3 product line, the MP3 City. In Europe it will be known as the Yourban – you + urban – and will get power from a fuel-injected 278cc four-stroke four-valve single which produces some 22.4 HP and 17.1 lb/ft of torque. Its two wheels in front design provides unparalleled maneuverability for excellent urban handling within the tight confines of any urban terrain on the map. Imagine how much easier it will be to find suitable parking for this small machine in your city. Don’t forget to imagine the absolute blast the MP3 City is to spin around town; even with omnipresent road damage and potholes, you cannot help but enjoy this smooth, stable and entertaining ride. 2011 Piaggio BV300

The BV300 finally becomes available this side of the Atlantic and that will please those who enjoy taking their scooter for slightly longer trips as compared to ordinary commuting. The engine here is the same as the MP3 City above and is quite enough for wherever you wish to go – it is fully capable of a highway pace, though not much more. Piaggio somehow managed to provide more underseat cargo space (compared to the non-North-American 2010 model) giving this machine one of the largest in the industry. The BV300 also fills the role of a more sporting scooter with sweeping lines, large 16 inch front and 14 inch rear wheels, and ample lean angle capability for when things get swift.

Finally, the Piaggio Typhoon 125 will be returning to North America with an updated 125cc four-stroke carbureted 2011 Piaggio Typhoon 125 and air-cooled single. The Typhoon will remain the very simple, rather dependable, fuel efficient and eminently enjoyable scoot it always has been. Now, though, buyers on this continent will get the chance to own one once again.

PGA expects the MP3 City and BV300 to be in dealerships by the end of next year (which is likely to make them 2012 models), but the Typhoon 125 should be there by summer of 2011. Contact your local Piaggio Authorized Dealer for ordering information or go to for more details.

Fans of Italian made step-throughs who reside in North America will certainly have some tough choices to make next year. With Piaggio scooters, it is always ‘the more the merrier’.

Written by J.C. Current, Courtesy of

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