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Bike fit is a tricky thing.  If you scour the Internet newsgroups and motorcycle related sites, you will see that there are countless treads soliciting information on the right bike for a certain frame.  There are those riders with very short legs looking for a super motard on which they can touch the ground.  There are riders with extremely long legs that want a comfortable fit on a sport-bike.

Now there is a creative, useful, and just plain fun tool on the Internet.  It’s called Cycle-Ergo, and it is an interactive tool that will allow you to see a virtual representation of your body frame-type on a vast array of motorcycles.  It is actually very fun, and potentially quite useful.

Personally, with a frame of 6’3”, I have had my share of issues with finding bikes with the proper ergonomics.  I plugged my oversized dimensions into the calculator and viewed the virtual “me” on a good sampling of bikes.  What did I find?  Well, the new Yamaha Super Tenere looked like a good fit for me, as did the big Honda CB1300.  However, I looked like a parade clown on the Aprilia Shiver 750.

What you get with this cool tool is the ability to see yourself in the riding position, and with feet on the ground.  You also get percentages for forward lean and knee bend.  Finally, there is even a function to compare 2 bikes and their relative ergonomics for your body type.

Go to to see the virtual “you” on the bike of your dreams.


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