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wss_sofuoglu_assenWith just one round left in the World Supersport series, Kenan Sofuoglu and Eugene Laverty will arrive in France with championship titles on the brain. Sofuoglu, though, has the obvious advantage.

Sofuoglu holds 16 points over Laverty going into the final round, making it a must win situation for the Irishman. Laverty does have more race wins than Sofuoglu, so in the event of a tie, (which would occur if Laverty scores third and Sofuoglu gets no score,) Laverty would walk away with the championship.

“I want to win even if I don’t win the championship,” Laverty said. “I have won more races than anyone else this year and Kenan knows that, which is why he wanted to beat me in Imola. I want to win the last race and I’m sure Kenan wants to do the same.”

The two had a dramatic finish at the previous race at Imola. Both riders went down on the final chicane, but were able to restart quickly to score valuable points.

Joan Lascorz, who was in the title fight with Laverty and Sofuoglu, has missed the last few rounds due to injury. Lascorz will still be able to claim third place on the podium, as Chaz Davies will not be able to reach him this weekend.

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