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BBC logo The rumors flying around the MotoGP paddock have many British fans wondering exactly who will be commentating on future BBC MotoGP broadcasts. The word is that Charlie Cox, the Australian voice who works alongside long-time motorcycle racing fan favorite Steve Parrish, may be moving back into the four-wheeled racing world from which he came. It appears that British Formula One fans are rather unhappy with the work of new commentator Jonathan Legard. The BBC’s F1 broadcast team has heard from race fans concerning Legard and they do not like what they hear – the phrase “gone down like a dog-turd sandwich” has been used. BBC's Charlie Cox & Steve Parrish

As to why Cox may be moving away from MotoGP…well, for the same reason. UK Fans of MotoGP who must spectate from their couches and local pubs are not too thrilled with a four-wheel specialist bringing them the action from a two-wheel race. Cox simply does not have the background to provide the fans with the insightful moto-related prose which they expect from someone in his position. (In fact, it was rumored that Cox would leave at the end of the 2009 season, but that proved inaccurate.)

Who will be sitting next to Parrish in the booth for the 2011 season? Well, maybe you should get in touch with the BBC and give them some suggestions.

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