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Slingshot Suzuki Motorcycle India recently launched the latest edition to their roster with the unveiling of  the Suzuki SlingShot. Atul Gupta, Vice President (Sales and Marketing), Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt. Ltd.  said, “It has been our constant endeavour to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the Indian motorcycle market and the Suzuki SlingShot is a direct result of us listening to what the customers want and delivering a world class product that meets their requirements.

The Suzuki SlingShot offers a complete package in terms of Style, Comfort, Performance and Practicality – all combined in a 125 cc bike. The customer wanted a bike that was as frugal on fuel as a 100 cc bike, yet had the looks to match a 150 cc premium bike combined with a price point that made the product affordable yet met all requirements – which the Suzuki SlingShot offers.”

To me the SlingShot looks like a cross between a Ninja 500 and Aprilia Shiver. One cool feature is the gear indicator, which makes it a little easier when you’re navigation through thousands of cars. Other than that, India sure seems to be a bit happier. An when India is happy, I’m happy.

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