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Charlotte, NC, August 2, 2010: Kara Walker with Coakley Foundation will set out 3000 flags in honor of her brother and all others who lost their lives on 9/11 at the former Firefighters Training center on Monroe Rd. Charlotte area firefighters and local motorcycle enthusiasts will gather ’round, heads bowed and hands to hearts. The rumble of motorcycles will be quieted and voices will pause as a moment of silence is honored for the firefighters and countless other Americans who died in the tragedy of September 11, 2001.
This is the 5th year that the Charlotte Firefighters Association has, as a part of many ongoing charitable efforts, organized the annual Poker Run. The September 11, 2010 Poker Run monies raised will help the Charlotte Firefighters Association Benevolent Fund and the MDA.
• 5th Annual Charlotte Firefighters Association Poker Run, Saturday September 11, 2010
• Start location: Firefighters Training Center on Monroe Rd in Charlotte, NC
• Ending location: Speedway Harley-Davidson in Concord, NC
• Winners receive cash cards for $500-$300-$100; and $500 leather jacket raffled off as well
• All riders encouraged to participate
Unsung heroes who risk their own lives to rescue and protect the Charlotte area, Charlotte
firefighters are generous givers to their community way beyond their oft perilous daily work through
numerous fundraising efforts for local charities. “The Charlotte Firefighters Association Benevolent Fund
was established to provide assistance to members of the Charlotte Fire Department or their immediate
family members in the event of a family crisis, hardship, or emergency situations. The benevolent fund is
a non-profit charitable organization,” explains John Foster, president of the Association. “Fundamentally
it is firefighters supporting firefighters.”

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