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AXO was founded with the belief that all riders are deserving of the best equipment, to help each one reach and go above their own personal best. The name "AXO" comes from the Italian word for Ace, and that is what each rider is to AXO Racing. From each beginner to the most decorated champions, AXO Sport is built for everyone who wants to be the best. AXO Motorcross was focused on off-road gear at the beginning, but has since extended the line to include a casual line for everyday wear.

AXO Lifestyle is the melding of race and casual into clothing for the entire family. AXO Casual includes T-shirts, sweatshirts and other clothing, as well as bags and accessories. AXO Apparel helps you create your riding look, and carry it with you when you are off the track.

AXO BMX Gear is detailed to fit a riders needs, and made tough to withstand seasons of racing with plenty of wear left. AXO BMX/DH is specific gear meant for BMX riders and their teams, to get to the track and back, with plenty of room to spare. AXO Downhill will keep you suited up in style while giving you the comfort and protection to get to the head of the pack.

AXO Street is a line based for the street racer in us all. With Racing style and street legal safety, AXO Street Gear looks great and performs like it was born to run. Made with a metro styling that stands out in a crowd, AXO Urban Gear makes you look like you can run with the big dogs, even when you are standing still.

AXO Dirt leaves no doubt who the best is. When you put on this gear, you will feel like a champion. AXO Dirt Track Gear is built to withstand whatever you can dish out, and will still show up to compete next week. AXO Motorcross is where AXO began, so it outlasts the competition by a mile.

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