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Avon VP2 Tires are built with a Tri-compound extrusion system, featuring three separate rubber compounds, joined together for a super durable and supple tire. Maximizing tread wear and mileage, the Avon VP2 Tire TE system puts the rubber compounds exactly where they are needed to extend the life of your tires. Specializing the tread compounds on the Avon VP2 Tire separately from the base compound and softer shoulder compounds means the tires are ready to take on whatever the road can handle.

Avon VP2 is produced in three separate types, all generalized for specific road types. Each Avon VP2 is set up to achieve different performance and has specialized capabilities, but underneath, they are all built on the same platform of the Avon VP2 Hybrid Belt. The Avon VP2 Hybrid Belt features the use of aramid and steel strands to produce an enhanced rider feel, and improved handling in all conditions.

Avon VP2 Sport is the first level VP2 Tire. Specialized with the tri-compound system for longer tire wear, the Avon VP2 Sport is good for road riding and some sport bike applications. Avon VP2 Sport also features the Hybrid Belt with special aramid/steel strand technology.

Avon VP2 Supersport is built on the same base as the VP2 Sport, but is more specialized toward enhanced grip. Geared toward road racing and at home on the track as well, the Avon VP2 Supersport has an advanced stability design, evenly redistributing stresses and load along the sidewall, tread and carcass. Avon VP2 Supersport will withstand harder loads, and will remain consistent and stable even in increased lean angles.

Avon VP2 Xtreme is a road legal track tire built for pure performance. With a superior dry grip and maximum performance on the track, the Avon VP2 Xtreme is a tire that lives to go fast. Featuring a super sticky compound made for race applications, the Avon VP2 Xtreme heats quickly enhancing its performance. The Avon VP2 Xtreme is NOT recommended for wet use.

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Avon VP2

Avon VP2
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