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The Arai VX-Pro 3 Helmet is one of the best motocross helmets today from Arai. The Arai VX-Pro 3 Helmet is overflowing with features and innovations that you won't find in any other helmet.

Featuring a super strong outer shell with hyper ridge for stability and rigidity, Arai VX-Pro 3 Helmets will keep your head safe in the event of the unthinkable. With quick snap cheek pads, the Arai VX-Pro 3 Helmet can be safely removed by rescue personnel without any further damage to your head or neck.

VX-Pro 3 Helmets have a dry quick liner that wicks moisture away from the skin to lower temp and allow cooling. With an easy to remove inner liner and pads, you can wash the VX-Pro 3 Helmets interior up and keep it in good condition. With an inner core made of dual density foam, the VX-Pro 3 Helmet will absorb and dissipate varying levels of shock over the whole surface of the helmet, making it one of the safest on the market.

Arai VX-Pro 3 is top of the line protection designed to be the highest standard in technology. Arai VX-Pro 3 melds beauty with function seamlessly for an outstanding helmet you won't want to take off. Shop for your Arai VX-Pro 3 at our unbelievable prices here at Compacc.com, while they last.

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Arai VX-Pro 3

Video Reviews
Hey this is Reuben with Competition Accessories and welcome to our video review of the all new Arai VX-Pro3 off road helmet. This is one of the best motocross/off-road helmets that money can buy. First is Arai's shell, it is a complex laminate construction which is basically hand laid fiberglass shell. It is definitely very nice and light, but it is incredibly stiff. One thing I like to do with a lot of helmets especially off road helmets is give them a squeeze and basically pushing on the chin bar on a lot of cheaper helmets especially the poly carbonate shell helmets you will feel that there is a lot of flex in there. With an Arai it is completely stiff, I could probably stand on this chin bar and it is not going to bend. One thing that plays a factor of the stiffness of the shell itself, you will actually see that Arai has built a ridge on the bottom of their chin bar, that's called the Hyper ridge it does a couple of things. One it strengthens and reinforces the bottom of the helmet, it also helps keep that center of gravity low. It also acts like a buffer because it helps transfer the shock waves throughout the helmet especially when you hit your head. One thing that might kind of stand out to you if you have worn a lot of off road helmets is this chin bar is actually fairly close to your face. Arai does that for a reason, you will see that it is very rounded it is not pointy. They make it so that its not going to catch on anything and it is closer to the face so that it has less leverage when you hit the ground, it is not going to twist your neck. Another thing I wanted to talk about is ventilation, this is critical in an off road helmet. There are several vents in this helmet, the chin bar vent is going to direct air straight on to your mouth and face. It does have a nice mesh screen to protect against roost and dirt that may go up and into your face. You have a nice little roost guard built in here. The visor of this helmet is also designed to direct air into the vents, there are two vents right under the visor, air is going to be scooped in and it also can pass in through the top of the visor. You will also see there is a lot of openings in the visor so when you do get up at higher speeds and your moving along fast that's going to prevent this visor from causing a lot of lift and that air has somewhere to go its going to escape and flow over the rest of the helmet. Now the rest of these vents are designed to let hot air out, which is actually one of the most effective ways to vent a helmet. You have a diffuser at the top here which you can open and close. There are some additional vents out the back of the helmet that you can open and close with these sliders. As air passes over the helmet warm air is going to be drawn out the back so basically you suck the hot air out and then at the base of the helmet you have another set of vents, these are always open and they are always going to be drawing warm air out the bottom of the helmet as well. Moving on to the inside of the helmet, one thing we did talk about was the ventilation in the chin bar, I wanted to show you that you can actually close it. This is not very commonly sen in off road helmets but it operates by sliding it open or closed. Arai lines the interior of this helmet with their dry cool lining, obviously with off road you are going to sweat a lot, this material is going to wick sweat and moisture away from your skin to keep you comfortable and it is also anti-bacterial and washable. You will see this orange tabs on the cheek pads here, this is Arai's developments. There is basically an orange pad that emergency personnel can pull to remove the cheek pads easily without compromising the safety fir an injured person. You can remove the rest of the interior with just a few snaps, there is two snaps at the front and then two at the back and that will come right out. You will see it is built to be really open for better ventilation, so that air that is coming in to those vents of the helmet will flow throughout the helmet really good making it comfortable. Another thing that Arai does on the inside of this helmet you will see that there is basically a foam liner, they do theirs a little differently. They make a single EPS piece So that inner liner is actually one piece but it is built with multiple densities of foam. Different areas of the foam are built with different densities of foam some are firmer than others some are softer, all based on how Arai will determine different impacts will occur. That is the Arai VX-Pro3, if you are looking for an off road helmet this helmet is definitely one of the best if not the best off road helmets that you can get. You can check these out on our website at competition accessories. There is multiple different colors as well as graphics available for this helmet. You can also click on this link to subscribe to our youtube channel where you can see all our product and video reviews. We put several videos out a week and we also give away prizes to our youtube subscribers every month. Also check us out on facebookm, and again check these helmets out online and we will see you next time.
Arai VX-Pro 3
Arai VX-Pro 3 Edge Helmets
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