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You might ask. What make an Arai Helmet different. You may also ask how can I justify paying that much money for an Arai Helmet, when there are others who are hundreds less? The fact is Arai has really set it-self apart over the years by constantly innovating and improving. They offer the worlds best reputation and have won the JD Power award 12 times in a row. That my friends is not an accident. Arai is obsessed with creating the best riding experience and highest safety. This has led Arai to create custom fit profiles for rider of all shapes and sizes. Plus, you can exchange out the cheek pads and liners for different sizes and really tailor your helmet to your head. ( what an Idea right ). Now the cheek pads in most models come with the Emergency cheekpad release system to help an injured motorcycle rider. In Arai's world, innovations don't come from a marketing department. They come from a decades-long history of caring about one thing: riders.

It All Comes down to this..
In the end, what are your comfort and confidence are worth to you?
Can you really put a "price" on them? An Arai helmet isn't inexpensive. It isn't made to be.
And when you wear one, it isn't made to feel good for just an hour or two. It's made to feel good all day, every day - and to keep feeling good for years, long after cheap helmets have become loose and shabby (and probably had to be replaced more than once).
You can't always see the reasons why an Arai feels better, but they're there: lower weight from aerospace fiberglass-based construction a lower center of gravity for better balance and less strain softer single-piece multiple-density liners (whose technology still hasn't been able to be copied in almost 20 years). Ventilation systems that work in the real world, not just in drawings. A helmet with no "minor" parts. And the result is major: you just feel good. You want to keep riding.
That's why Arai build motorcycle helmets the way they do. Because it's not about what you pay, it's about what you get.
You could go through a bunch of cheaper helmets in the lifespan of just a single 5-year-warranty Arai - and wind up spending more in the long run. Worse, you'd miss out on Arai's legendary comfort, fit, features, and feeling of confidence along the way. A helmet is something you're going to spend too much time and too many miles in to not ensure that every bit of it is a pleasure. So compromise somewhere else.
Maybe that's why someone once said that when you consider everything that goes into an Arai helmet, the price almost sounds like a bargain.
Few of us can afford to own the very best of most things. But with an Arai helmet, you truly can own the very best of something.

The Arai RX-Q is a top end helmet with a redesigned cheek pad layout that gives more comfort on the interior. Bottom hyper ridge on the Arai RXQ gives more space for entry and adds rigidity to the exterior shell of the helmet.

Arai Corsair V Helmets are the most extensively race tested helmets, ever. High speed test runs and actual MotoGP and GrandPrix trials give the Arai Corsair V an unprecedented advantage on the track.

The Arai Vector 2 is a redesign of the Vector, with a wider aperture and enhanced venting. Arai Vector 2 has an improved interior with reduced pressure points and a better overall fit.

Arai Signet-Q Helmets are a newer addition to the line-up, retaining the long oval shape in an exterior that pulls from the RX-Q. Arai Signet Q Helmet now includes adjustments for the temple area, plus the new larger shield opening.

The New Arai XD-4 have come to take the place of the Arai XD3, and have continued to blow away the competition with their styling and inherent Arai quality. Tough as nails to take on whatever you encounter on the road or trail. Click here to see the full selection of Arai XD4 Helmets.

If its time to replace your Motorcycle Helmet look no further. Arai is worth the money.

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