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Mesh, Waterproof and More
Joe Rocket Alter Ego 3.0 Jackets
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Video Reviews
hey guys this is Reuben with competition accessories and i have baron here and we're both wearing the tourmaster transition 3 jackets now the transition 2 was an extremely popular jacket that was very popular for a lot of touring riders and long distance commuters andevery other kind of rider in between its really functional id say its more of like a three season its a three quarter length thats available in tall sizes so it works very well for bigger guys as far as fit goes its fairly generous these are both extra larges fittingvery well there are size adjustment straps available right at the middle area and then down at the waist as well we have reflective material with the waist adjustment you also have snap sleeve take ups which will help reduce flapping and help hold that elbow armor inplace you do get CE armor in both your elbow and shoulder and then you also get an articulated back pad as well which is going to helpwith any impact protection as far as the actual shell of this jacket its a 600 denier carbolex which is really flexible and light and itsfairly comfortable its not going to require a lot of break in and its not going to be really stiff and crumply and over the impact areasyou have 1680 denier polyester which is a ballistic material which is going to hold up very well against any abrasion so you can see it inthe elbows and over the shoulders its got that more firm material which is going to hold up very well in an accident now we actually havea transition 2 which now this is the very popular transition 2 its been out for quite a while and i just wonted to kind of give you a lookat that one and then you can take a look at the one were wearing basically the overall fit and function of the jacket hasnt really changedbut the transition 3 they have given you much more reflective material so you have reflective piping that runs all the way down your sleeve theres large reflective stripes across the chest and baron if you would turn around here so can see that theres a nice wide reflective stripe going across the back here an the very popular triangle logo from tourmaster which is reflective and these small areas that are kindof blackened out with the little poke a dotted designs across them if you wanna turn around here you can see there kind of through outthe jacket theres that little poke a dot effect those are actually small reflective panels as well which will stand out very well at night and obviously baron has the hi viz version on which is going to do a very good job of letting you be seen now looking at the storing optionsagain this is a touring jacket so you do have large storage pockets built into the chest here and then behind this Velcro there is the waterproof zipper and you have a large map pocket or any large item right here in the chest and you do have those on both sides then inthe front here you have cargo pockets which have kind of envelope style closure flips down and then baron if you wont to open up the insideof your jacket one thing that ill show you here is on the inside you have a small stash pocket so you have a small stash pocket zipperedright here and then on the inside you have some small storage pockets which would work great with cell phones or anything else like thatand then over there you have another storage pocket baron actually has in his quilted liner this is a 100 gram poly filled insulated linerthis is very good for in the winter time so if your a cold weather rider and you use your bike through out the year this jackets gonna workextremely well in colder conditions and be a good warm jacket but now as far as summer time use you do get quite a good bit of ventilationnow theres a vent right here on each shoulder that runs from about your elbow to your neck on the collar so you can see all the way downthis area here and its going to have both the waterproof zipper and the Velcro thats going to hold it open or close it securely and onething about this jacket is that it has what tourmaster calls a rain guard barrier which is a waterproof mid liner and thats going to do a really good job sealing to clean out the elements but they have what they call there pipeline ventilation system and on this shoulder venthere they have essentially a pipe passage way through that mid layer so that this vent can actually reach your skin and be very effectiveyou also have small intake vents on the chest here so if you undo this Velcro it leads to another zipper which leads to this vent and theyve actually designed this Velcro so that it can be velcroed to itself and its just going to keep that flap out of the way and keep the vent openso you get lots of intake air and if you spin around one more time for me baron on the back here you have a large exhaust vent so you canopen that up and its going to get all of that hot air out of the jacket and its a really good effectively way to cool the jacket and keepyou cool inside you see that there is some stretch material at the waist here and then this lower portion here theres two zippers on eachside basically a fanny pack built in thats really handy for storing the liner so if your riding in the summer time you can pull that jacketout or especially if your in a mountainous region where it might go from cold and then once you get down in the valley and it starts to warm up pull that liner out and youll have somewhere to stash it in the lower portion of the jacket so thats the tourmaster transition 3great new jacket that will work well with a variety of riders were very impressed with them theyre very comfortable right out of the boxtheres a lot of little details that they have improved over the two such as the finish of the sleeve theyve just given that kind of anice soft cuff which is going to be very comfortable over or under gauntlet gloves and other little details like that just soft materiallike that around the collar just making it a much more comfortable jacket out of the packaging please check us out on our website at competition accessories also in the corner of this video you can click on that link and it will take you to our youtube channel and makesure you subscribe to us there so you stay up to date with all of our product reviews and videos thanks for watching and we'll see ya next time.
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories welcome to our 3/4 waterproof motorcycle jacket buying guide , now a 3/4 length is one that goes beyond your waist band kind of drops down a little bit lower to give you better coverage it works especially well for cold and wet weather riding , Now i have five different jackets up here ranging from about 180 bucks to just under 300 dollars. Were going to talk about some of the different features when your shopping for a 3/4 length jacket and why they might be important to you so weather you ride a sport bike or sport touring machine or a cruiser this video should definitely help narrow down what jacket you might be interested in when your shopping . Now doing some brief introductions here were not going to go into super detail about it on every single jacket because that would take to long but i do want to remind you we do have in depth video reviews on each of these. Up first is the Joe Rocket ballistic revolution jacket. The ballistic jacket has been in the Joe Rocket line up for a while now this is the latest version of it it has some great features it has some buttons on it and some little rivets that kind of set it apart as far as the look of the jacket. Over here we have the Aeromoto road pro this is one of our own personal brands favorites here at competition Accessories available exclusively its one of the most sporty form fitting 3/4 length jacket Ive ever tried definitely a huge fan of it. Up next is the Tour master Transition 3 its one of those jackets that kind of sets the standard a lot of other brands have imitated Tour masters Transition 3 jacket its a fantastic option just over 200 dollars its up on our website in all different colors and options there's another one of our house brands here at Competition Accessories Sliders Kevlar gear the one thing that sets this brand apart is genuine DuPont Kevlar on the impact areas so over the shoulders and elbows you have Kevlar reinforcement actual panels of DuPont Kevlar so this jacket is going to be the most heavy duty and the most heavy you pick this thing up you can tell it has Kevlar and a lot of things built into it because it is really heavy, so if your looking for a really heavy duty jacket with a lot of protection and a really good bang for your buck too the Sliders Adventure jacket is a great option .And then we have the First Gear Kilimanjaro and this is the one that kind of sets the bar its the most expensive jacket up here and there's a few reasons for that and lets start right here. Talk about water proofing first there are a few different ways that jackets are waterproofed you've probably heard me talk about this if you've watched some of our other video reviews , but it is important so ill mention it briefly. There's two different ways of waterproofing first there is actual waterproof fabric on the outside of the jacket and that's what the Kilimanjaro uses and the Sliders Adventure uses or you can have a waterproof mid layer built into the jacket itself meaning that you have the external fabric and then inside you have a waterproof barrier that is going to block the water . Both of them are effective at keeping you dry to a certain extent if your in a rain storm all day long i recommend throwing a rain suit on on top of your gear just to make sure you can keep an extra layer of protection on but the biggest advantage of having the external waterproof shell such as first gears hypertec fabric ventilation its going to work much better because theirs no internal rain liner that's going to block the wind when you open these vents up it actually lets air into the jacket itself, the Kilimanjaro and the Sliders adventure jacket out of these five are definitely going to flow more air then the others simply because you have an internal waterproof liner to block the wind . Now they do have a lot more points for water to get in if you accidentally leave a vent open your going to get water into your jacket and its actually going to reach your skin as well that's why they have to use waterproof zippers as well all the vents and anything else like the seams have to be taped on the inside to make sure the water staying out so its great for warmer weather . Its great for you know not soaking up rain and getting tons of water soaked up on the outside of the jacket but it does have some draw backs its got a little bit of area for rain to get in if your stuck in the rain all day long , now an under-the-helmet rain hood such as what is found on the Kilimanjaro and the sliders adventure is another nice feature you might want to look at. This is going to prevent water from running down your helmet and into your jacket so even if the waterproof shell is keeping you dry waters running down the inside of your sleeves or down your neck your still going to end up wet so having that feature is definitely something to look for if a lot of rain riding is in your future. Lets talk about some of these other jackets we have up here the Tour master Transition does use a waterproof mid liner which means that the outer shell is going to soak up a little bit of water this is the way most jackets are constructed but what Tour master does is kind of a compromise between the two styles due to ventilation and they have what they call their pipe line ventilation system which is essentially if you look at this little graphic here is a tunnel or pipe line through water proof liner that will allow that air to get into the jacket through to your skin based on these two upper shoulder vents here. So you are having a waterproof mid liner in this jacket but it does actually allow some air to get down into the jacket itself. Now lets talk about some of the other features you may be interested in weather your using this jacket for commuting or for long distance touring storing some things is definitely something that your going to need to do , having some good size able pockets on the jacket is definitely an advantage especially if your planning on bringing your items with you . While the First gear jacket may look plain on the outside it does have these hidden zippers here that reveal some very large internal storage pockets which essentially take up entire front panel of the chest all of the jackets up here kind of have these envelope style pockets as well which open up and you can reach down inside , now some of them have a hand warmer pocket behind that as well with a zipper which i find kind of convenient because getting in and out of these flat pockets takes a little bit more work especially with gloves on your ripping up Velcro its a lot easier to me to just slip your hand into a regular conventional style pocket. The Sliders jacket has a large zipper pocket on the jacket as well , unzip these zippers and you can see those ones actually take a turn a corner and it opens up into another nice and large flap and you have some small pockets as well you know depending on what your bringing with you this may or may not be useful to you they are kind of on the smaller side they are great for you know organizing things you know put your ear plugs in there if you have something and then the stats card pocket is something very unique for the Sliders jacket you see that this is the star of life here this is specifically for your vital stats you can put an in case of emergency card here it could have your blood type any allergies any information who to contact and medical personnel will recognize that and will know to look in this area in this pocket here for your medical information so that's kind of a neat feature unique to the sliders jacket. Other jackets have a little bit less storage compartments the Road pro does have quite a bit storage pockets on it but like i said at the beginning its the most form fitting kind of light weight 3/4 length jacket I'm a huge fan of how this jacket feels fits on the body it would work fantastic for both long distance touring or commuting. For me personally just throwing on a jacket on for just a 20 minute ride just to get to work i don't necessarily want some big bulky cumbersome jacket that takes a few minutes to put on to get all the straps done up and everything you want to be able to put it on and hit the road, so something like the road pro is definitely a good option if your looking for a simplified approach to a 3/4 length jacket. Last but not least i want to talk about fit. 3/4 length jackets by nature typically are a little bit more generous in terms of sizing and fit they are not tapered down nearly as much as a sport style jacket would be and there's a lot of adjustments on them as well . What you'll have to decide is what type of adjustments your interested in , something like the Joe Rocket ballistic uses a lot of snaps on this little fabric tabs and you can kind of just fold the fabric in underneath snap it down to kind of bring in the volume , remember you might be using this jacket in a wide verity of temperatures so if its really cold and your layering up underneath you need the volume and the size to be a little bit on the generous side to make sure you can fit a sweatshirt if anythings underneath but then when you take all of that off if your using it in the summer time and you pull the lining off the material might be a little bit baggy so being able to bring that extra material in its going to hold the armor in place and its also going to stop the jacket from flapping on you. So snaps are one way to go about it , the other way is to use these Velcro style straps on the First Gear Kilimanjaro you have these Velcro straps that you can use to snug up that area. Some of these jackets also have zippered expansion panels the road pro has ones on the bottom of the waist so if you need a little bit more room in the bottom of the waist you can undo that and get a little bit more room in that area obviously you can take up more material if you need to as well . All of these jackets are also going to have a two way zipper so your going to be able to unzip the jacket from the bottom a little bit and that will allow you to have enough room underneath the jacket if you need to lean over a little bit more or maybe a bit more on the shorter side you can still be comfortable on the bike. Lets talk about armor real quick these are going to have CE Armor in the shoulders and elbows some of them are a bit nicer then others , this is the First Gear Kilimanjaro once again being at the top of out price range does have the nicest armor in it , this is actually D3O armor and i kinda had it stuffed in here already if i can pull it out and show it to you. D3O armor is really unique in that it is positional in this jacket you can see you can actually position it using those Velcro patches and the pouch itself is what holds the armor in place the D3O armor is thin and very flexible. Whats unique about it is actually on impact it hardens and spreads on impact over a larger area so even though its a very soft pliable material it actually does absorb impact very very well and it is CE approved , you get these in the elbow shoulders and the back on the Kilimanjaro from First Gear so definitely a great addition to that jacket. You can check out all of our 3/4 length jackets available on our website at Competition Accessories .com

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